Avery Averette (avery_averette) wrote in kittycorner,
Avery Averette

What Is Life?

 Anon1: LIfe's realising that others are different and it's ok.
Anon2: Life's a constant discovery.Anon3: Life's living the moment.
 Anon4: Life's reaching out and making friends.
 Anon5: Life's a new beginning everyday.
 Chilli: Life's realising that what's out there is not as important as what's in you.
 Chocomi: Life's loving oneself despite the imperfections.
Foxy: Life's appreciating what you have  even when it's not the best deal.
 Momo: Life's about eating, drinking and making merry.
Ne Ne: Life's a spiritual journey. Siam: Life's relishing each moment.
Tiger: Life's having your own fun but also   being there for your loved ones.
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